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Monroe Step School Salary Research Committee
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 11:09:38 AM - Monroe Ohio

by Brock Bidlack

Why the committee?

The Board and the Association agree to create a committee to research, review and analyze financial issues impacting the Monroe School District.

The committee work will include, but not be limited to:
-Comparing growth and revenue of comparable school districts;         
-Researching comparable school districts’ certified salary schedules and indexes;
-Researching and discussing Monroe School District funding issues; 

-Developing options for possible alteration of certified index structure.

The committee will report progress and findings to the Board and the Association membership throughout their study as determined by the committee.  

Once the committee has completed its study, a final report shall be presented to the Board and the Association negotiations’ teams for the 2011 negotiations on a subsequent contract.

Update: Committee convened on January 18th Weekly meetings have been held – 5 total 14 members

Monroe Local School District 2010 fiscal data has been compared to 20 similar districts in the state of Ohio. According to the Ohio Department of Education, these 20 districts have similar demographics to Monroe. This same fiscal data comparison has been done with all Butler County Schools and city school districts surrounding Monroe. Monroe’s salary schedule has been compared to the 20 similar districts, Butler County districts and city districts surrounding Monroe.

Monroe is ranked 13th out of 21 in base salary comparison vs similar districts.

Monroe ranked 4th out of 10 county districts.

Members of the committee are gathering other state salary and compensation structures.

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