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Monroe Students Graduate Scholarships 2001-2002
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio

Mission Statement:
The Monroe Business Council mission is to recognize the young people who demonstrate, through academic excellence and leadership in their communities, their capacity for and commitment to making a difference in their community. 
The future of our community rests with the development of its Scholars, who embody the energy, spirit and vision to be tomorrow‘s leaders. The value of the personal and educational development of Monroe Business Council Scholars and the value they return to their families, communities and educational institutions embodies the essence of the our mission. 
Each year, the Monroe Business Council Scholars will award $1000 per student. The total number of students awarded will depend upon the support of the local business community.

Recognizing Students
Only 2 or 3 students will be selected each year. We are looking for students who actively demonstrate 3 or more of the following traits:

1. "School Leaders" who are involved in school and in the community 

2. Special talents, skills or interests

3. Socially aware

4. Persistent and overcomes barriers 

5. Shows character and commitment to high ideals

6. Excels academically

7. Expresses his or her thoughts clearly, originally and creatively

8. Volunteers his or her time

Do you know a student that fits these criteria? If so, you may know a potential Monroe Business Council Scholar. Please forward a copy of the Step 1 Application.

The Selection Process
Scholars receive $1000 each. Below you‘ll discover how we choose these outstanding students. 
Monroe Business Council Scholarships are awarded based on character, personal merit and commitment. Merit is demonstrated through leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, academic achievement, and motivation to serve and succeed. 
Selection of each class occurs in three steps, beginning each fall and culminating the following spring with the announcement of the award recipients. Step 1 applications will be made available to all Council members as well as the High School Councilors, Administrators and Educators.
Step 1. The first application seeks a record of the student‘s overall involvement in school and community affairs as well as academic success and employment. This application is due October 31 and culminates in the selection of Semifinalists in December. Applications are available at the start of the academic year through school guidance counselors. 
Counselors may call the plan administrator, John Beagle at 513-422-1907x222 if there are any questions. Please fax application to 513-422-9996 or Mail to: Monroe Business Scholarship Program c/o Chamber Foundation, 1500 Central Ave, Middletown, Ohio 45044.
Step 2. Semifinalists will be notified and sent an expanded application in mid-December that requires detailed biographical data, an essay, a secondary school report and personal recommendations. Following the February 1 deadline, the Program Review Committee selects the Finalists. A more detailed application will be available online for those interested.
Step 3. In the spring of each program year, Finalists attend an awards ceremony. The location and time will be determined at a later time. We hope to involve the City of Monroe as well as the Monroe School District in the Ceremony.

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