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Monroe Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC)
Friday, October 21, 2011 2:08:51 PM - Monroe Ohio

by City Manager Bill Brock
Warren County has requested that the City of Monroe formally appoint its members to the Monroe Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC). 
We believe it would be appropriate to appoint the City's members to the Monroe TIRC in Butler County as well. As such, we request that Council formally approve the appointment of the positions of City Manager and Director of Development, or their designees, to the Monroe TIRC for both Butler and Warren Counties.
Ohio Revised Code Section 5709.85 requires that a Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC) review all Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts and post-1994 industrial Community Reinvestment Area abatements (CRAs). Under Section 5709.85 (A)(2), the TIRC is made up of the following: three members appointed by the board of county commissioners; two members from each municipal corporation to which the instrument granting the tax exemption applies, appointed by the chief executive officer with the concurrence of the legislative authority of the respective municipal corporations; two members of each township to which the instrument granting the tax exemption applies, appointed by the board of township trustees of the respective townships; the county auditor or the county auditor’s designee; and an individual appointed by the board of education of each city, local, exempted village, and joint vocational school district to which the
instrument granting the tax exemption applies. At least two members of the council shall be residents of the municipal corporations or townships to which the instrument granting the tax exemption applies.
To date, Kevin Chesar and Jennifer Patterson have served as the members of Monroe's TIRC, along with Dave Gully, Martin Russell, Nick Nelson and Chris Brausch from Warren County. In Butler County, Kevin Chesar and William Brock serve as members of Monroe's TIRC, along with Julie Joyce-Smith, Joe Magdich, Virgil Maines, Kelley Thorpe, and Ed Pokora from Butler County.
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