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Monroe Times Final Free Paper
Sunday, May 18, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
The 'Monroe Times' started in 1994, now 9 years later, the paper will print its final edition. The last paper for the weekly 'Monroe Times' will be June 8th. The newspaper also has a Monroe Website located at Currently there is little or no content on the website regarding Monroe.

No more weekly rehashing of the past week stories from the Middletown Journal. Now we will be forced to pick out the Monroe stories in the MIDDLETOWN Journal. Perhaps they will change the name to the Middletown-Monroe Journal, like the school system did. That is sure to make the residents in both cities happy. (NOT)

It is no surprise that the Monroe Times is shutting down operations. It appears that not enough advertisers were interested in supporting Monroe's 'free' paper. According to the publisher, the Times 'NEVER' had enough advertisers to support the publication.

Clearly their efforts were half-hearted, with little direct involvement in the community and a significant negative bias toward Monroe. The Journal clearly does not like the town or the school system. The paper would sue at the drop of a hat as evidenced by the frivolous lawsuit against our school system.

Goodbye to the "Monroe Times" may you rest in peace.
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