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Monroe Voters Asked to Vote On Emergency Levy
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
On May 8, 2001 voters that live in the Monroe Local School District will be asked to approve the renewal of a 4.35 mill emergency operating levy. (An emergency levy is for a specific amount of money for a specific amount of time.) This levy was originally approved when Monroe was a combined district with Middletown. The 4.35 mills will generate $930,418 per year. The renewal of this levy will not cause taxes to increase. The revenue from this levy assists the district in the following ways:
*Helps maintain the current level of staffing and programming for students throughout the district
*Maintains services that assist students in academic programs
*Helps provide support for new curriculum development to assure the most current program content for students
*Helps provide support to meet the "unfunded mandates" of new legislation and increased standards
*Helps provide support for existing and new technologies that enhance learning and prepare students for the future
*Helps the district properly maintain the facilities
*Helps allow Monroe to compete with other surrounding districts in recruiting and keeping excellent teachers, administrators, and support staff
*Helps provide support for upgrading the schools to meet higher community expectations for student performance

The citizens of Monroe have gone to extraordinary lengths to create their own school district. From its creation to now, with almost an entire school year completed, the district has been a success. The children have, and will continue, to benefit from the opportunities that have been created for them by you the citizens. Let‘s continue the momentum and keep and enhance the current educational opportunities for our students, and remember, again, this can all be done without raising your taxes.
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