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Monroe's Paul Jutte Wins Award at Boys' State
Monday, June 26, 2006 9:21:27 PM - Monroe Ohio

Boys State was started back in the 1930's by the American Legion.  Each year they pick two boys from each high school in Ohio to participate in forming and running a government.  The legion interviews the boys that the high school nominates, and then pick only two to attend the 10 days of activities at Bowling Green University.  These 1400 boys run a mini-government and campaign for jobs ranging from governor to civil service jobs.  They earn money and are required to pay rent and other bills.  The goal is to do a good job, earn money, pay off the bills and still have money left.  Hopefully at the end of the ten days, the boys have a better understanding of how the government at state, city and county levels are run.

Tyler Williams and Paul Jutte were selected from Monroe High school to attend Boys' State this summer.  Paul held three jobs at Boys' State.  His first job was a lawyer, and he was required to take a bar exam to obtain this position.  Paul also held the positions of bailiff and health director.

At the end of their 10-day stay, an awards ceremony was held on June 17th in the BGSU arena.  The legionnaires awarded 30 Outstanding Citizen Awards and Paul Jutte was selected as a winner from the 1400 boys attending and was awarded a plaque in honor of his achievement.  Congratulations, Paul!!

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