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Monroe's Sewell Achieves Promotable Status
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:42:44 PM - Monroe Ohio
by Bill Rogers

A newsletter from First Lieutenant Franklin of the third platoon Pacesetters mentions Monroe native SPC Shawn Sewell, who recently reached status for promotion and is expected to be a Sergeant soon.

1LT Negron and SFC McClain

Hello Pacesetter family! On behalf of SFC Scott and the Soldiers of third platoon I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and extend my best wishes for the upcoming holidays. It has been a busy month for the Soldiers of third platoon, who have successfully completed the Top Gun competition and transitioned to a new mission. Last month third platoon assumed a substantial role in firing the most artillery rounds in support of operations to date in the Iraq Theater by a single Battery. Despite logging long hours on the “gun line,” the third platoon Soldiers continued to achieve professional and personal milestones. Congratulations to SPC Sewell who achieved his promotable status this month and will soon be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. This month was also marked by the reenlistment of SPC Gehl, who after two years has decided to reenlist for an additional 4 years, and PFC Moreno who reenlisted for 5 years. SGT Weilbacher, who after 6 years in the Army, will attain his US citizenship, a great honor to be bestowed upon one of our nation’s heroes. It is an exciting time as we near the end of the deployment and prepare to go home, yet we remain committed to our mission. There is much to be proud of, and as the incoming platoon leader, I have been impressed with the level of proficiency and professionalism shown to me by the NCO’s and Soldiers of third platoon. We look forward to reuniting with our loved ones upon our safe return to the United States. Pride!

1LT Franklin and SFC Scott

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