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Move-On.Org Pressuring Area Lawmakers
Thursday, October 6, 2005 10:08:21 AM - Monroe Ohio
Democrats aided with the left wing organization are pressuring Reps. Mike Turner, Jean Schmidt and Republican reps in SW Ohio to return campaign cash received from resigned Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas., lead by radical left winger, George Soros, has convicted Delay even before the trial in their email initiative titled "We the People." MoveOn wants to take our constitutional rights away by tainting the public opinion with un-proved allegations and half-lies.

So far no representative is considering sending back in their legal campaign contributions. Representative Bennett said, "He hasn't been proven guilty of anything."
Followers of met in New York at their Bush Bashing Ball last night.

Celebrity activists unleashed a torrent of obscenity-laced insults and allegations against Republicans and the Bush Administration -- just a week after the site's founders
apologized for posting two political messages on the Internet comparing President Bush to Hitler.

Here is an excerpt from Margaret Cho (Photo), a highly regarded member of MoveOn. "Despite all of this stupid bullsh-- that the Republican National Committee, or whatever the f--- they call them, .... they're all angry about how two of these ads were comparing Bush to Hitler?"
George Soros, financier of, is not a US Citizen but in the United States he is known for donating large sums of money in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush's bid for reelection.
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