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M-town Steering Invited to Implement Master Plan
Monday, September 26, 2005 9:33:42 AM - Monroe Ohio
In an email sent to Middletown, Ohio Mater Plan Steering Committee members, Brian Forschner invites members to be part of the Master Plan Implementation Committee.

Master Plan Steering Members include:
Bob Stacy; Bob Wells; Cathy Newkirk; Dane Donham; Dee Florence; Doug Bean; Jim Ewers; John Beagle; John Civille; John Sawyer; Larry James; Laura Williams; Mark Wall; Nancy Nix; Noah Powers; Sam Ashworth; Saundra Pearce; Steve Price; Tom Williams; Valerie Back; Virginia Ritan; Wanda Glover; Wilma Wood

From the email: The Steering Committee recommended creation of this group whose purpose would be to oversee the implementation of the Master Plan.  This group would meet quarterly or as needed, receive updates from staff on implementation status, and if necessary, make recommendations to City Council for plan updates. 

Several members expressed interest in becoming members of this group, and we would like to confirm this interest and establish a date for the first meeting.  Please send an email to me with your response, along with your updated phone number and any general preferences you have for meeting dates and times during the first three weeks of November.  Please respond no later than Thursday, October 6.

We will submit the list of participants to City Council for confirmation at their October 18 meeting.  We will contact interested members once a final date is established. 
Brian can be reached at:

Brian R. Forschner, AICP
Senior Planner
Middletown Planning Department
Phone: (513) 425-7962
Fax: (513) 425-7921

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