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Mutual Fire Aid with Middletown is Chief Neu Concern
Monday, December 5, 2011 2:05:13 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Kristina Mayes and John Beagle

Chief Neu reported to Council that right now there is a lot of talk about the City of Middletown shutting down Station 84, we are meeting with the Chief of Middletown to ensure they understand the proper use of Mutual Aid and they are working out to make sure they are providing the services to the residents they are here to protect.

The chief's concern is due to the announced layoffs of 9 Middletown firefighters. Along with the layoffs, Middletown Fire Station #84 will be shut down. 

Those concerns extend to other fire departments in the area. Franklin's Fire Chief Westendorf said, “If we’re spending more time in Middletown than we used to, that’s less time we have in our own community,” he said. “It impacts everything.”

Middletown’s fire department called on assistance from neighboring fire and EMS agencies between five and 10 times a year in the early 2000s, according to Middletown Fire Chief Botts. (Source: Middletown Journal)

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