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New Business to Locate in Monroe
Tuesday, October 12, 2004 3:51:22 PM - Monroe Ohio

The Monroe Planning Commission approved the site plan for Presto Foods, Inc. for a 28,600 sq. ft. expansion to the existing 60,000 sq. ft. structure located at 201 Lawton Avenue in Monroe.  The Dayton-based Presto Foods is a supplier of Italian and deli food to regional restaurants, pizzerias and universities. 


Presto Foods was recently awarded the contract to supply ingredients to the entire Larosa’s restaurant chain.  This Monroe project will provide the company with the necessary space and strategic location to fulfill the Larosa’s contract in addition to moving some of their Dayton business to this site.


At their October 12th meeting, Monroe City Council will consider granting a CRA real property tax abatement associated with the expansion project.  The total Monroe project cost is estimated at $2,625,000.  The company is expecting to create 80 full time jobs within a two-year period with an annual employee payroll of approximately $2,900,000.


Monroe is excited about attracting a company such as Presto Foods which has a proven track record in its industry.  We are especially excited that the company has chosen to occupy and expand an existing structure to meet its growing food wholesale business.



For additional information regarding this project, please contact:


Jay T. Stewart

Development Director

City of Monroe

(513) 539-7374

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