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New development at Issue***Updated***
Monday, August 19, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
This addresses concerns I, as well as my neighbors, have regarding the proposed development for the Southeast corner of Rt. 63 and Rt. 4. I apologize for not including all council members, but I haven‘t been able to locate their addresses. Please forward to those I‘ve missed.


My home address is 5788 Hamilton-Lebanon Rd. The proposed complex would be directly south of my home - I have the pleasure of viewing this land from my windows. Even though I‘d rather see the land stay as a farm, I am resigned to the fact it will be developed. Like my neighbors, my family has worked many years (15) to improve the value of our property. I am concerned the value will decrease with the addition of apartments in the complex.


After much discussion and thought, I‘ve captured some of the issues I believe are relevant to this project:

1. Multi-dwellings are another name for apartments. There are plenty of apartments in Monroe. I assume Monroe‘s 10 year development plan focuses on adding quality residential structures, with a key goal to attract the best and brightest to work and live in the community. $750/month dwellings will not attract them.

2. ‘1500 units‘ is a very large number. I can‘t imagine that number of people living in that space! The traffic will increase exponentially - having an exit on Rt. 63 that directs vehicles to the east will only cause drivers to make a ‘U‘ turn at the Clark entrance. Data were gathered for a 1999 study evaluating the traffic pattern in this area. It‘s outdated by 4 years and two new subdivisions. Maybe a recent study has been conducted; but before deciding on entrances/exits/road layouts, data should be crunched to determine what‘s realistic for traffic flow.

3. There is a real concern about the history of the developer. A prominant resident who prefers to remain anonomous, has taken the time to view their work, and he‘s not impressed. He has spent time researching this outfit, and he‘s found some disturbing facts. I trust Virgil - he‘s a reputable businessman and respected member of the community. The last thing this city needs is a government subsidized complex. If the apartments aren‘t rented, will the government help individuals pay rent so the units are not vacant?

4. With these types of complexes comes additional accountability and responsibility. Does Monroe have the resources to take care of an area like this? Again, 1500 units may bring money to the city, but will the potential problems be worth it?

5. What plans do the developers have in place if they find Indian artifacts? What about the environmental impact? Natural springs are present - any adjustment to the design?

These are just a few of the concerns floating in the community. Please don‘t rush to a vote on this complex without gathering all the facts. The city is growing so quickly, but there‘s only so much property remaining that can be developed. The West end of the city should be on your radar screen as a focal point for Monroe. My hope is that this focal point attracts the best and the brightest - but it won‘t happen with a 1500 unit complex.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Ann Dillon-Hinkle

Please review the attached site/article on a previous Cincinnati development by Brisben. It‘s very similar to Monroe‘s situation. The outcome is upsetting, to say the least.

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