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New Fire Truck Planned for 2007
Wednesday, January 11, 2006 10:37:12 AM - Monroe Ohio
Council approved the purchase of the Sutphen SL 75 Aerial Fire Ladder to be delivered late in 2007. According to Vicki Barger, City Finance Director, "No down payment will be required and financing will be put in place later this year."
Fire Chief Neu said, "This is the best long term decision we can make because this piece of equipment will be around long after I've retired."
Here is more information from the MFG Website:
When you need high performance from your fire apparatus, you need Sutphen. There's nothing like a Sutphen, and there's no other aerial ladder that can match our new SL75 Mid-mount Aerial Ladder.

While flowing up to 1,500 gallons per minute of water, this aerial is rated at a 750-pound tip load, and when dry, the aerial offers an astonishing 1,000-pound rating, by far the highest in the industry. Additionally, set up time is just 20 seconds using one central control, the fastest in the industry.

The new 75' Aerial Ladder is built on Sutphen's own designed and built single axle chassis, and features our signature mid-mount technology that provides better maneuverability and ease of handling due to a low center of gravity. Sutphen construction features the highest quality 6005-T5 aluminum and just like Sutphen's other aerial products, includes aircraft style Huck Bolts that provide superior strength and performance - unlike commonly used welds that easily break. It is this combination of strength and mid-mount technology that gives the new 75' ladder a 3:1 structural safety factor.

Other features of the new ladder include an electric radio controlled monitor and nozzle that can be operated at the tip of the third or the fourth section of the ladder. The aerial is also equipped with a full capacity bolt-on egress tip.
Full tilt, 6 to 10-man "Safety Cabs."
Caterpillar, Detroit or Cummins engines.
Booster tank capacities up to 500 gallons.
Hose capacity for up to 1000' of 5" LDH.
Extra air cylinder compartments and optional roll-up doors available.
Fully adjustable shelves fit individual needs.
Mid-mount aerial improves driver visibility and cab can be tilted inside most stations.
75-foot, four section ladder for better maneuverability in tight spots.
2 - 1.75" crosslays standard.
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