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New Use for Monroe's Turf Football Field
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:53:17 AM - Monroe Ohio

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This from the booster newsletter

Have you been on the school premises midweek lately - in the evenings? If so, you’ve probably seen lots of vehicles behind the school and lots of kids sporting soccer gear. The district has contracted with a local select soccer club to use the turf field for evening spring practices. Also, the district has contracted with a premier soccer league for use of the turf field on Saturdays this spring. A portion of the league’s games will be played @ Monroe throughout the day. The scheduling has been coordinated so that no school teams will compete for field time with the soccer club & league.

There were many advantages for the district investing in a turf field, and one was generating revenue when the field was not in use by school teams. Princeton, Mason, Cincinnati Christian Hills, Anderson, Turpin & Kings are some of the local high schools that contract with soccer leagues and clubs for use of their turf fields. Monroe is now on this list. The revenue is reinvested back into the district, and Monroe’s visibility in Southwest Ohio continues to grow - all good things for the students, district and community.
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