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ODT Business Tax Registrations are due 11-15
Thursday, October 20, 2005 4:00:10 PM - Monroe Ohio

Attn Ohio Business Owners:

Businesses can now obtain commercial activity tax (CAT), sales tax, and withholding registrations/licenses within a matter of minutes. Businesses must login to OBG in order to register.

There's no more worrying about having all of the right forms, wondering if all of the necessary information has been provided or waiting weeks to obtain these business tax registrations/licenses. OBG makes obtaining CAT, sales tax, and withholding registrations easy and efficient.

How Does it Work?

Beginning July 1, 2005, ODT's business taxpayers will be able to register their business and obtain a license (if applicable) by logging in to OBG’s Electronic Filing Services. Taxpayers can select the registration/license that they need or choose to be guided by a series of questions that will identify the proper registration/license needed for the business. The taxpayer will then complete the on-line registration form and provide any required ACH payment information. OBG sends the registration data and ACH payment information directly to ODT, and the taxpayer will be able to immediately print the license(s).

Taxpayers will be able to apply for the following business tax registrations/licenses:

  • Commercial Activity Tax - $15.00 - $200.00
  • Ohio Employer Withholding – No fee
  • Ohio School District Withholding – No fee
  • County Vendor Licenses - $25.00
  • Consumers Use Tax – No fee
  • Delivery License - $25.00
  • Transient License - $25.00
  • Service License - $25.00
  • Out-of-State Sellers License – No fee

OBG and ODT are ready to provide help and support. OBG provides assistance in the Help & Support area, and ODT's web site provides additional information regarding all Ohio taxes administered by ODT. OBG users may also call OBG's help line at 1-866-OHIO-GOV (1-866-644-6468) for assistance with the online application and access to ODT's Taxpayer Services. Online help is also available as taxpayers complete the registration process.

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