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Official Minutes: Chief Homers Shift Change
Saturday, January 28, 2012 3:38:48 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Angela Wasson, Clerk of Court

Resolution No. 01-2012. A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding amending the contracts by and between the City of Monroe and the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for Patrol Officers and Sergeants to provide for an alternate schedule.

Mr. Brock explained that this item was brought before the Public Safety Committee. Chief Homer has proposed a shift change for several reasons. It does significantly change portions of the contract. Typically, we do not bring memorandums of understanding to Council as they are usually fairly minor.

Chief Homer informed Council that we have been on frozen shifts where each officer is on an assigned shift and have not rotated for the past five years. In five years time things have changed quite a bit. The unfortunate thing for new officers coming in is they stay on that frozen shift forever. I have officers, other than during their probation period where they work different shifts, that have been on the same shift their entire career. This reduces the officer’s training.

There are different types of people you deal with on the night shift and the day shift. As of March 1st we are going to start rotating shifts. Some of the officers are not happy with it, but we came up with a new shift system that has become very popular. Right now we are on a six and two schedule and are proposing a four and two schedule. With the six and two schedule you must work six days in order to get two days off and every five weeks he has a third day off two weeks in a row. With the four and two schedule each day is an 8.5 hour day rather than an 8 hour day with two days off. It is good thing with the officers. Because of the 8.5 hour day, it allows for an overlap and you eliminate a lot of the overtime. We have found in our studies the majority of our sick days are on the 5th and 6th day of the schedule, so Chief Homer hopes to reduce the sick days. It also boosts the morale. I have people that are five years or less and have only been on one shift. The reason for this is it changes the definition of a day and that affects many things in the contract.

Mr. Kelley asked what it will do to the budget. Chief felt the budget would increase maybe $5,000 over the entire year, expects to retrieve that in sick time and overtime. We probably have 100 to 150 hours of overtime. The increase should be a wash. Mr. Kelley asked if he anticipates any contract problems with this resolution. Chief advised the sergeants approved it 100% and there were only three officers that were against it as they feel it is tied into rotation and they don’t want to rotate. We are going to rotate whether or not we are on six and two or four and two.
Mr. Black requested an explanation about the vacation time increase. Chief Homer explained the increase is so they would have the same number of days. You have to increase the hours because we are going to an 8.5 hour day. If you normally received 80 hours you would now get 85 hours.
Mr. Black asked if vacation is specified in days or hours. Chief Homer replied that it is in hours, but 90% of the time they put in for an entire day. Chief Homer confirmed Mr. Black’s understanding that this is included in the $5,000 estimate.

Mr. Black asked if the K-9 change was part of this memorandum of understanding. Chief Homer advised that the K-9 change has already been taken care of. Mr. Kelley moved to approve the first reading of Resolution No. 01-2012 and have it read by title only; seconded by Mrs. Stillman. Voice vote. Motion carried.

The Clerk of Council read Resolution No. 01-2012 by title only.
Mr. Kelley moved to consider this the first reading of Resolution No. 01-2012; seconded by Mrs. Hale. Roll call vote: seven ayes. Motion carried. 

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