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Orders Begin Taken For Engraved Brick Pavers At Veterans Memorial
Tuesday, April 29, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
For more information contact: Sam Ashworth at 513-422-4010 ­ or Bob Grimes at 513-423-8223


³You don¹t have to be a veteran to appreciate the service America¹s uniformed military units provide in maintaining freedom around the world,² said Bob Grimes, fundraising chairman of the Middletown area Veterans Memorial Committee. ³This is a good time to show appreciation for our former, current and future uniformed troops.²

Middletown, Monroe, Trenton, Jacksonburg, Poasttown, and the Lemon, Madison and Liberty Township veterans of all branches of service are being honored with a special Veterans Memorial to be constructed at Woodside Cemetery. While many of the elements of the $150,000 memorial are already sponsored by individuals and organizations in the area, individuals and groups may also help build the memorial with donations at a level of their choice.

To show support for all area veterans, community members are being given an opportunity to purchase engraved honor bricks which will become part of the memorial to be constructed this summer.

According to Grimes, ³While it is certainly very appropriate to purchase the paver bricks to honor a specific veteran, the engraved information is by no means limited to veterans. The purpose of the pavers is to show community support for all veterans and engraving may be a family name, club or organization, business, graduating class or other group.²

Brick pavers come in three sizes. 4 inch by 8 inch brick size pavers are $50 and have a maximum of three lines with 15 spaces per line. (Spaces between words and punctuation must be counted as one of the 15 spaces.)

8 inch by 8 inch pavers are $100 and may have up to six lines of type with 15 characters per line.

The largest paver size is 12 inch x 12 inch and will be $250 with six lines of engraving in a larger type size than the smaller bricks.

Brick paver orders may be sent, along with check and wording to: Veterans Memorial, P O Box 853, Middletown, OH 45042. For specific information about brick paver orders, call Bob Grimes at 513-423-8223.

Story Contributed by Same Ashworth
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