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Press Release - Monroe Local Schools
Wednesday, March 13, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
On Friday March 8th, the Monroe Local School District was sued by the Middletown Journal and Monroe times. These organizations have requested distribution of Board member information packets at the time they are distributed to the Board Members. The district disagrees with the request, and has requested an Attorney General‘s opinion on the matter. It is the opinion of the district and its attorneys that the intended recipient of any material that is distributed should have the opportunity to read it before it is made public. This year the Monroe Local Board of Education adopted a general practice of a "first reading" or announcement of future business that will be conducted during the next meeting, two weeks hence. Wherever time permits, this practice will be used. We feel this provides the press and public with considerable time to consider issues and make their feelings known. Providing Board packets to the Journal at the time of distribution to the board members will result at times in publication of them before even the Board Members themselves can read them.

Although the Board believes that its position is a reasonable and correct interpretation of the law regarding this matter, the Board, in the interest of amicably resolving this matter without litigation, will release non-executive session materials and documents to the public on Friday at 4:00 p.m. prior to Monday evening Board meetings.

Times Vs. Monroe School Board
You have two parents in this household who support the School Board on this issue. Personally I‘m not fond of news anyway as they seem to only see negative issues. Even when we delivered the Middletown Journal more
negative than positive was there.

I know they, the papers, want news, but it should be accurate. If the Board members change what to discuss over the weekend, won‘t the papers "pitch a fit?"

We wanted Monroe to be a separate district, and we want the best for all children in the district. So, keep the Board issues to the board until it is settled what will be discussed.

Dawn & Jeff Petersen
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