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PTO May 1st Meeting Minutes
Monday, May 12, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Below are minutes to the May 1st meeting:

1. Present: Amanda Anerson, Beth Shadwick, Patti Shull, Shawna Wells, Regina Harvey, Robin MacLennan, Joanne Morgan, Linda Sanehoz, Tona Vires, Ann Hinkle

2. Secretary:

a. April report was read and approved.
b. Improving communications with the parents and guardians was discussed. It was suggested a 'tab' on the school website be created just for the PTO. Included on the page would be the financial statements from the treasurer, meeting minutes, the PTO Buzz newsletter, fundraiser info, etc. The internet is the latest communication tool available to the public and would be an asset to the PTO. This would be the third vehicle for the PTO, along with the newsletter and school bulletin board. Brian and Linda will be the PTO liaisons working with Craig Hesson, site owner, to make this happen.

3. Treasurer:

a. Report read and approved.
b. 5th grade teachers received $117.21 from the popcorn fundraiser.
c. Profit from Zap-a-Snack was $3,979.
d. Profit from the candy sale was $3,077.69.
e. Balance as of March 31 was $10,343.61.
f. Each teacher will receive a check from the PTO to use for classroom needs. The art, music and gym instructors will not receive checks because they received a large monitary contribution from the PTO this year.

4. Fundraiser:

a. Schairbaum is offering a variety of fundraisers. We have used them in the past, and they are very reputable. Two PTO reps were scheduled to attend their May 6 meeting to learn more about the variety of fundraisers available to schools.
b. Family Fun Fest is scheduled for Saturday, May 17 from 12:00 - 3:00. Volunteers are needed to work before and after the event, as well as during. Contact Tona @ 539-9152 if interested in helping out. Posters are being delivered to area businesses to be displayed to the public, and the Monroe Times will write an article. Items for the 'Theme Baskets' are trickling in. Students are asked to bring in new items that correspond with the grade level's theme. If we don't have enough to fill each basket, the PTO will need to supply the funds to purchase items. Hopefully, this won't be necessary. The PTO will reimburse the class coordinator $20.00 for the purchase of the 'basket' - examples are plastic swim pool, baby bath, sports bag.

5. New Business:

a. Next year's PTO Officers:

President: Kelly Myers
President Stand In: Kelli Siler
Vice President: Vicki Verkley
President Stand In: Tona Vires
Public Relations: Linda Sanchez
Treasurer: Joanne Morgan
Secretary: Shawna Wells
Fundraising Coordinator: Regina Harvey
Volunteer Coordinator: Robin Macleman
Committee: Beth Shadwick

A special thank you to those who have served this past year. We appreciate their service to the students and school!

b. A new latch key program will be available this next school year. The Monroe United Methodist Church is offering this service to the community because there is a serious need for those families living in the area. It will be Christian-based and available to children attending 1st-6th grades. The facility will be able to serve 36 children during the school year. It will be open snow days and delays due to inclement weather, but not during the summer months or holidays. Hours are 6:30 am - 8:00 am and 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm. A Director has been identified, and the church is searching for two full-time employees. Costs area as follows:

Weekly: Daily:

Before School & After: $40.00 Before: $5.00
Before School: $20.00 After: $7.00
After School: $30.00 All Day: $10.00

The church is in need of toys and music for the children. Contact Ann Lapham @ 539-8095 if you're interested in using this service or if you have items to donate.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 5 @ 5:30 in the Media Center.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ann Hinkle
PTO Secretary
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