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PTO Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 13, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Below are the minutes for the March 6th meeting held in the cafeteria.

1) Present: Kelly Myers, Vicki Verkley, Linda Sanchez, Joanne Morgan, Shawna Wells, Regina Harvey, Robin Macleman, Beth Shadwick, Shelley Kawalringh, Kelli Siler, Patti Shull, and (Teacher).

2) Secretary Report:

a) Everyone present approved the minutes.

3) Treasurer Report:

a) The report was distributed.
b) It was discussed to set a limit to how much Mrs. Gehm may spend for books.
c) We have gone to the next tier for our bank account. This will allow us to do 300 transactions and $10,000 in deposits each month.
d) We have a profit of $2,786 for the candy sales. We still have candy left to sell. Some of those present took candy to try and sell at their business.
e) The 3rd grade teachers received monies from the Popcorn fundraiser.
f) The last bank statement dated 1/31/03 indicated a balance of $13,198.34.

4) New Business:

a) Everyone present received a copy of the deposit slip with the bank account noted, so that anyone may make a deposit. It was expressed that if you are making a deposit please make a copy of the deposit slip and indicate the fundraiser from which the monies were received. Please also indicate your name on the copy.
b) We discussed the new board for next year. A handout was given with the names and telephone numbers for those on the new board.
c) A list of fundraisers planned needs to be submitted by the May meeting. We also need to recruit volunteers for these fundraisers.
d) Family Fun Fest is scheduled for May 17th. The hours will be 12:00 to 4:00. Kelly passed around diagrams of the layout for Family Fun Fest. Margie has agreed to handle the food for Family Fun Fest. We need volunteers for the setup and take down, preferably men. Kelly requested that everyone to think of a game that can be used for the Family Fun Fest. She would like these ideas to be discussed in the next meeting. A total of 20 activities is the goal. A Moonwalk was discussed as a possible activity. This will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting. We will sell tables to anyone wanting to sell items such as Mary Kay, Tupperware, and Creative Memories. Vicki will be coordinating those requests. A list will go to the teachers so they can decide what activity they would like to do. Shelley will coordinate all volunteers and games for Family Fun Fest.
e) Vicki took a picture of the board members to hang on a bulletin board for the PTO.
f) Kelly has requested that the Fundraiser committee to establish a day and time for their meeting.

5) Old Business:

a) Zap-a-Snack was a success. To date $10,443 was deposited for Zap-a-Snack, which means we have made about a $3,400 profit. Great Job to those involved with Zap-a-Snack.
b) It was decided to proceed with the purchases from the wish lists that were submitted.

The next meeting will be held April 3rd @ 5:30 in the Library.
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