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Questions And Answers With Monroe School Board Candidate John MacDonald
Monday, October 12, 2009 9:25:45 AM - Monroe Ohio
As Promised here is my interview with Mr. MacDonald.

Why would you be a good school board member??

I feel that my experience in running a successful business, financial
background, sense of volunteerism, ability to work as a team and my honesty
are all qualities that make me a viable candidate for school board.

What's more important, academics or sports?

Both are important although academics are essential. All extra curricular
activities with great academics makes for the success of the school system
turning out a well rounded student.

Compare and contrast Lolli vs Elam administrations.

Mr Elam did a great job in getting the district started. He organized things
and made sure the facilities were built. Now Dr. Lolli has come in and taken
over the district moving it in the right direction for high achievement
ratings, quality extra curricular activities and stable finances.

How sound is the school district financially? Why are you in favor
of the Levy?

Although all of the districts in Ohio have some challenges to face. After
reviewing and studying the 5 year forecast, we are financially stable, but
we must pass the upcoming Substitute Levy and must continue to control our

What are your thoughts regarding the proposed Coke making facility

I believe that this is a community issue not a board member issue. All of us
have to determine what we believe to be the best situation for our family,
our community and our economic situations.

Do you believe in communicating thru blogs, discussion threads or
other internet based communication? Do you have a Website?

I prefer personal contact and am always available by phone or if elected
through the Schools e-mails. I know internet communication is a viable way
to express ones self, but I feel personal contact is a better way to resolve
any concerns or issues that are of concern.

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Q And A With Monroe School Board Candidate John MacDonald
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