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Questions And Answers With Monroe School Board CandidateTom Leeds
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 8:20:04 AM - Monroe Ohio

Monroe School Board Candidate Tom Leeds

Interview By: Randy Lewis
Photo Monroe School Board

Why would you be a good school board member?

Currently on the Board and have been the Board President for the last 2 years.
During my time on the board, I have been involved with the hiring of a new Superintendent, new Treasurer, new Counselor, new Business Mgr. and others, as well as being involved in the movement of various personnel to other positions that affect the overall performance of our students and the district.

I believe as a board member, I have always been very cautious when it comes to spending the taxpayer’s money. I always try to make sure the taxpayer and the district are receiving the biggest return for the dollars that are spent. MLS have one of the lowest “cost per student” in the county.

My philosophy is I am “all about kids”. What can I do to make sure they receive the best education possible?

What's more important, academics or sports?

Academics is the most important. There is also good education in sports. Most sports you have to work as a “team” which means your part is as valuable as the next person’s. You have to know what is expected of you and you have to perform it properly for the team to be a success.
Sportsmanship is also a valuable lesson taught to you in sports that will help you through out your life.

Compare and contrast Lolli vs Elam administrations.

Compare and contrast Lolli vs Elam administrations.
Mr. Elam was here for the start-up of the district as well as the building and opening of the new facility. He made sure that the residents of the district were kept informed as to the district’s progress.

After Mr. Elam’s retirement, we searched for the best Superintendent we could find and found one of the best, if not THE best in the state in Dr. Lolli.
She has, over the past 2 years, implemented changes by creating positions and moving personnel into other positions that have upgraded the level of education available to our students.

With all of these changes, she has managed to save this district over $235,000.
She desires the success of “ALL” our students, not just a few.

How sound is the school district financially? Why are you in favor of the Levy?

Currently the finances of the district are ok. However, if the State does not leave the current budget alone and does not quit making cuts, Monroe like all districts, will have a shortfall.

As far as the levy is concerned, it is a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you VOTE YES on the substitute levy? With NO increases in your current taxes and the opportunity to have your taxes lowered due to new construction and new businesses is why it is a NO- BRAINER.

What are your thoughts regarding the proposed Coke making facility (Suncoke)?

I feel that the although the law suits filled by Monroe and the work that has been done by various groups opposing the SunCoke facility may have caused the EPA to upgrade their emission standards which will result in cleaner air, the coke plant will eventually be built off Yankee Road. They didn’t dig that hole there for practice. Granted, if the plant would have been built inside AK’s facility, construction would be well under way by now and nobody would have an issue with it.

Do you believe in communicating to the community thru blogs, discussion threads or other internet based communication? Do you have a website?

If I receive an E-mail, I will respond as a board member. I encourage everyone to become involved with the schools and to attend board meetings.
No, I do not have a website.

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