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Richard G. Kremer for City Council
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Richard Kremer, Incumbent, wants to be re-elected to Monroe City Council. Below are his answers to questions put forth by posters from this website.

1. Why am I running for Council?

I want to serve the community and assist in guiding Monroe as we continue to grow. I am a reasonable and rational person and I want to make those attributes available as a resource to the City.

2. What is my #1 priority for Monroe?

To work with city staff to strengthen the financial position of the City by controlling spending, increasing revenue if possible and learning from my mistakes to make sure they donít happen again.

3. Where do I stand on parks?

Parks are an important asset of the city and I want to see us develop them as the budget allows. However, I do not want to add or develop parks at the expense of city services such as fire, police and street maintenance.

4. Who is responsible for our budget problems?

By the very nature of my position as a member of Council, I share in the responsibility for the budget problems. That is not to say that I caused the budget crisis, but I could have done a better job of monitoring the spending and how we were paying for City assets. This would have allowed us to catch the problem earlier and taken steps to correct it sooner.

5. What do I plan to do about the Vets Memorial?

I want to see us develop the memorial as one of the focal points of the city. I would like to see the city form a volunteer group consisting of interested parties (veterans, business and community leaders, etc.) to see if enough contributions and donated services can be obtained in order to construct a memorial that the city and its veterans can be proud of.

6. Am I in favor of the St. Rt. 63 extension to Trenton/Oxford?

I am in basic agreement with the bypass because of the safety concerns involving St. Rt. 73 between Trenton and Oxford. I have traveled this road fairly often and the hills and curves make it a nerve racking route at times. Having said that, I want to make sure that we also look out for the good of Monroe. I envision the bypass bringing, primarily, an increased amount of truck traffic which will result in more wear and tear on our streets without any significant benefit to the city. We already have easy access to I-75, which is an attractive feature to any businesses looking to locate in Monroe. If the county can come up with a way to construct the bypass without seriously damaging our industrial base and we can get the St. Rt. 63/I-75 interchange upgraded I would be in favor of supporting the project.
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