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Rocker Steve Black Appointed to City Council
Sunday, January 23, 2011 2:16:19 PM - Monroe Ohio


by John Beagle

Two Saturday nights ago, Steve Black was rockin' with his band at Froggy Blues Cafe. Yesterday, we found out that Steve Black was selected to be Tracy Shell's replacement council member*. 

Interviews were conducted Saturday afternoon, January 23. It is not clear as to how many of the candidates who indicated an interest were interviewed, however we know that Jeff Bowling, Peter Dame, Bob Bretland, Howard Wells and former Monroe Mayor Mike Morris were interested. Tom Birdwell backed out after an injury he sustained at home. Additional information will be posted on this site when it becomes available.

Steve Black will take a seat at the regularly scheduled Monroe Council Session on January 25, 2011.

Why Steve Black? (Editorial)

Mr. Black's interest in community activities is likely is one of the reasons why he was chosen to succeed Tracy Shell. Steve Black has been involved in activities at the park and as a Monroe soccer coach. 

'What Monroe Needs' is more community events. Events in Monroe keep getting smaller and some are even disappearing . Examples of this are: the elimination of CityFest, the Monroe Fourth of July event was downsized last year, the Optimist Club had to cancel its Christmas event and the Lions Club its annual Pancake Breakfast that has been put on for the last 25 years.  Additional thoughts on what Monroe Needs: Vote For Monroe to Win $5 Million.

Many in Monroe would like to see the "Light up the Sky" event expanded with live entertainment, beer and more food, games, rides. Steve Black worked with Red Oinion Owner, Mark Bursley on getting this event off the ground, it almost didn't happen, Councilman Bob Kelley said the "Fireworks have been cancelled". Last year Light Up The Sky event was downsized, but the fireworks were still great. 

A Message To Councilman Black
Councilman Black, you bring with you a positive influence on the community. I see your energy level, your personal motivation and communication (and singing) skills. If you focus your skills on creating a stronger 'sense of community,' you will be rewarded at the polls this November.

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*Councilman Shell resigned last November after controversy about residency requirement. Read More about that here: Tracy Shell Resigns at Council Meeting

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