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Rockies Express Pipeline STILL TOO CLOSE!?!?
Tuesday, October 16, 2007 1:50:59 PM - Monroe Ohio

by jyguy:

I thought that everyone would like to know that the Rockies Express Pipeline is moved out of Monroe but not by much. In fact if there is any accidents or explosions most of Monroe will still be effected. Does everyone know where Hamilton Stands is on Cincinnati-Dayton Road is? It is going somewhere around there which is in Middletown by about 100 feet and is still within a 1/2 mile of several Monroe residents. Please keep up the good fight to get it out of our area. My mother lives less than a 1/2 mile from this.

Rockies Express Pipeline, LLC (Rockies Express) recently revised its proposed Rockies Express-East Pipeline Project.

Your property has been identified as potentially being affected by the construction of the project or withing 0.5 miles of a relocated compressor station site. In particular the project changes involve the location of the proposed:

- Hamilton Compressor Station and associated pipeline in Butler County, Ohio;
- Chandlersville Compressor Station and associated pipeline in Muskingum County, Ohio;
- Clarington Meter Station and associated pipeline in Monroe County, Ohio;
- Pipeline in the vicinity of the Wabash River in Vermillion and Parke Counties, Indiana; and
- Pipeline in the vicinity of the Barnesville Reservoir in Belmont County, Ohio

The staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or Commission) is preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Rockies Express Pipeline LLC's (Rockies Express) proposed Rockies Express-East Pipeline project. As proposed by Rockies Express, the project would involve the construction and operation of about 639 miles of 42-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline; seven new compressor stations; and approximately 41 mainline valves and 20 interconnects. The EIS will be used by the Commission in its decision-making process to determine whether the Project is in the public convenience and necessity.

The Commission staff wants to provide all potentially affected landowners with the opportunity to participate in the environmental review process. Since you have only recently been identified as potentially affected landowners we are providing you with a special comment period.

The letter goes on to state some contact information and encouraging residents potentially affected to get involed.

The rest of this is a letter written by a citizen living in Monroe that would be affected by this...

Concerns and oppositions:

1) I have health concernes for my family and neighbors including the following documentation I have researched on line. I have seen several other articles but I didn't want to take up too much of this e-mail without mentioning other concerns :

Dr. Gerald Ross, M.D., President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, writes that, "Traditionally, natural gas is a pollutant chemical that can worsen both classical allergy and chemical sensitivity." He further states, " [patients with complex allergies and sensitivities] will have only limited success with their treatment programs, if they are living in a home that has natural gas or if they are in an area where there is natural gas transportation or leakage." (3 Jan., 1997).
(see details in our Medical-Environmental Report)
It is important to note the strength of the statement that even living "... in an area where there is natural gas transportation or leakage" can cause serious harm. One cannot eliminate the danger by turning off the gas to one's own house; even living in a community with piped natural gas can cause serious damage. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick already have significant problems with indoor air pollution and have an alarming number of cases of environmentally induced illness/chemical sensitivity and asthma. If piped natural gas is to be allowed here, we must be certain it will not cause harm to these persons to worsen this already bad situation.

Another article worth reading is here about a leak that happend in Texas

2) The aesthetics of a Compressor Station are not attractive and could lower our already decreasing property values:

Below is a picture I found of one on line. I'm not sure if this is exactly what it will look like but I assume something of this nature if not larger.

Here is another example of what the compressor station may look like.

We already have a huge steel mill very close to our homes. This compressor station would just devalue our homes even more than what is currently happening! Also the pollutants from the steel mill and this proposed gas pipeline combined can be truly devestating to our area in the case of a leak.

3) Adding to our air pollution:

Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is often promoted as "cleaner" than coal, but which has its own serious environmental hazards. Natural gas extraction threatens ecosystems from northern Alaska and Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, including drilling on farms, public lands, forests and parks, in the Rocky Mountains and other coal-field communities, off of U.S. coastal waters and possibly even under the Great Lakes. Pipelines and compressor stations add to the harms, crossing all sorts of ecosystems. Even water bodies like Lake Erie and the Long Island Sound have faced proposals to bury pipelines underwater in trenches that involve stirring up toxic sentiment accumulated on lake/sound floors. Natural gas power plants are significant air pollution sources, releasing hazardous air pollutants, global warming pollution and fine particulate matter.


Please go to register and send a letter if you oppose this being so close to residential communities. Lets make sure that it is in a safe place not in our backyard.

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