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Rocky was right! New Plan wins widespread approval
Thursday, February 28, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio

Mr. Heflin was on his game tonight. Defending those who wanted a second opinion regarding school options. Mr. Heflin took some of the large audience by surprise by announcing we are not going to debate Plan 1. The intent was to set Plan 1 aside and talk about Plan 2. That surprised Joyce Tannreuther and when she spoke up, Mr. Heflin responded a bit more vocally than former Mayor Tannreuther would have cared for. Mayor Tannreuther reminded Mr. Heflin that he was talking to adults and not the children at the school. Mr. Heflin immediately apologized.

Mr.Dingledine from Steed Hammond Paul presented the floor plans. Plan 2 was viewed but quickly shelved for a modified version of plan 1. In essence, one of the recreational gyms was moved to the end of the Junior High School Wing. That kept the square footage approximately the same as the unmodified plan 1. That solves several problems:
1. It helps keep the JR High School students from intermingling with the High School, despite being on the same side of the proposed campus.
2. Allowed additional gym space for Elementary school.
3. Provided a separate entrance for JR an SR High students.
4. Maintains shared administrative facilities for both the JR and SR High Schools.
5. Keeps us on our construction schedule.
Rocky Heflin was right to bring this issue to the people. He was very effective because he brought us all together and got us wound up to debate the issue. And when the presentation was made by Mr. Dingledine, his soft spoken ness combined with his professionalism and knowledge of the issues just knocked the audience off their seats. The entire room of parents, teachers, directors, neighbors, all immediately agreed that the solution presented was the best to date and very workable. Only a few minor modifications needed to be made, like locker rooms for the JR High students as Mr. Dingledine pointed out. This plan actually came under budget!
Then came the final chance for the people to speak. The question was presented by Rocky, "Does any one oppose this plan, please raise your hand." You could hear a pin drop. Not a single person in the room raised their hand.
Rocky was right. He brought us together and got more people involved in this issue than anyone else. And for this, I say thank you Rocky. You really did a good thing her for the community tonight.
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