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SB President Snyder on Treasurer
Wednesday, October 4, 2006 7:51:20 AM - Monroe Ohio

I would like to take this opportunity to address concerns that have been expressed regarding the recent personnel changes at Monroe Local Schools. Appointing the Monroe Local Board of Education treasurer to the position of Coordinator of Business Operations was a beneficial decision for the district. It began with the boardís consensus that a change was necessary to improve its treasurer function. If action was not taken by the first of October, the treasurerís contract would automatically renew for an additional four-year term. Although a series of difficult decisions followed, the best interests of the treasurer and the district remained a top priority and were strictly maintained.


Toward the end of August, the Monroe Local Schools Board of Education started meeting in executive sessions, as is dictated by the State of Ohio, to discuss the renewal of the treasurerís contract. The only people present at these sessions were the five Board members and the Board attorney, who was there either in person or via conference call. Options were discussed which included non-renewal of the treasurerís contract and the submission of a resignation letter with a severance package.


What many people donít know, however, is that over the last year or so multiple administrative positions within the district have been vacated. In an effort to conserve costs, these positions were not immediately filled. But the tasks associated with these positions are essential to the operation of the district, and as time went on it became clear that someone had to oversee these operational responsibilities, so the superintendent took them over. I think you will agree that this is not the most cost-effective use of the superintendentís time. It was inevitable that something had to be done.


While the Board had decided that the district would be better served by bringing a fresh perspective to the office of treasurer, they in no way implied that the existing treasurer would no longer be of value to the district. Quite the contrary, she has a thorough understanding of how our district operates and is dedicated to its success. Who better, then, to have in a position overseeing the daily operations of the district?


As your Monroe Local Board of Education president, my first priority is, always has been and always will be whatís best for the success of the district. I can tell you most sincerely that I have never wavered from that priority. I fully understand all of your questions and comments regarding any and all Board decisions Ė I would expect nothing less from intelligent, dedicated parents and members of this community. My only request is that you continue to question and ask for clarification on anything you deem necessary, and in doing so get all sides of the issues before deciding, ultimately, your position on the levy.


Chris Snyder, President

Monroe Board of Education

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