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September 23, 2009 Monroe Bosster Club News Letter
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 9:36:22 AM - Monroe Ohio

Monroe Boosters Club News Letter

Hornet Fans:

Highlights from the September Monroe Athletic Booster Club (MABC) meeting:

1st Thursday of the Month:  place an order from Monroe’s Dominos Pizza, and the MABC receives 20% of the profits!  So, in two weeks, Thursday, October 7th, call 539-2525 and place an order!  100% of the check that the club will receive will go towards the student-athletes.  We’ll continue with this new fundraiser for the duration of the school year.

2007 graduate Bobby Kelley has completed a mock-up of the new MABC website.  Once the site is ready for use, we’ll let you know.

Members agreed to pay $1,500 for new Junior High cheerleading warm-ups.  These will replace the very old uniforms that were handed down a long time ago.
The Bowling team is hosting its first tournament December 28-29 at Eastern Lanes.  Snow day is December 30.

If you have a student in college who is playing sports, contact Tim Kellis, Tamra Kaczka, one of the officers or Ann Hinkle.  The club will recognize the collegiate athletes by placing their college pictures along Main Street Hallway in the high school.

Once final bills are paid, the Touchdown Club will have ~$1,700 remaining in the account.

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