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Sides forming for the SunCoke Plant Public Hearing in Middletown
Friday, May 2, 2008 11:33:00 AM - Monroe Ohio

Photo: Monroe Resident Frank Schiavone speaks against the SunCoke Plant

by John Beagle

Sides are being formed on the hottest Middletown Area debate in years. Its the NIMBYS against the Economic Developers. Middletown City Council will vote on the $340 million SunCoke plant in just a few days.

The Nimbys - Not in my backyard Monroe group is upset about the location, rather than the right for SunCoke to build a plant in Middletown.

The Economic Developers want to see growth at the cost of some resident property values. The pro-SunCoke group believes it must do everything possible to keep AK satisfied and profitable.

On May 6th, the two groups will face off in Middletown Council Chambers.

Chamber Urges Support for SunCoke Plant
Local IAM International Union Representative speaks in favor of the plant.
 AK Makes the Case for SunCoke
Middletown Planning Commission by approving the Re-Zoning

SunCoke Plant Has South Middletown and North Monroe Residents Concerned
Frank Schiavone, Monroe Resident was shocked, "There was no discussion!"
City of Monroe and Monroe Residents

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