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Snack Attack at DanBarry Cinemas
Monday, April 24, 2006 11:02:49 AM - Monroe Ohio
Snack Attack During the Previews? Order Food by Phone. SnakFone Offers Moviegoers Hassle Free Concessions Via Mobile Technology

SnakFone lets moviegoers and sporting event attendees use their web-enabled phone to order concessions and get delivery in or near their seats. This first-in-world service debuts April 28 at DanBarry Cinemas in Middletown, Ohio. SnakFone is designed to increase high-margin concession sales by targeting people who want refreshments but don't want to stand in line.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) April 24, 2006 -- On April 28th, Wilson Strategies will launch SnakFoneTM, which allows moviegoers to order concessions from their web-enabled phone and get delivery right outside their theater.

Tired, hungry, or late? The new service appeals to moviegoers who want concessions but don’t want to stand in line. It will debut at Danbarry Cinemas in Middletown, Ohio.

“This is a win/win. Customers get improved service and flexibility, and owners get increased concessions sales and another way to differentiate themselves from their competitors,” said co-founder and CTO Tony Wilson. Danbarry owner, Dan Heilbrunn, agrees, “Danbarry Cinema thinks it’s a good idea to let the customer decide how they want to get their concessions. We’re excited to be the first to offer this service.”

To use the service, customers log onto and follow the prompts. A text message is sent back when the order is ready and can be picked up right outside the theater. SnakFone is a welcome convenience for customers who prefer not to wait in lines, those who are running late, don’t want to miss the show or event, or who have children in tow.

“We are introducing it with no delivery fee to gauge customer interest. A small delivery fee may be added when the trial period is over,” said SnakFone co-founder and President Liz Wilson.

SnakFoneTM can be used by any phone with a web browser. Text messaging and voice response options are scheduled for July 2006, making the service available to virtually all mobile phone users. Wilson Strategies plans to offer the service to sports arenas as well.

For information:
Phone: 513.238.3828

SnakFoneTM is the brainchild of Tony Wilson, an inventor and owner of Wilson Strategies. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wilson Strategies uses emerging technologies to improve business productivity and profitability. Nearly 20% of all cell phones are used to access the Internet every month. SnakFone taps that market. For more information, please call Liz Wilson at 513.238.3828.

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