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Spring Clean-up and Large Item Pick-up
Friday, March 26, 2004 9:29:53 AM - Monroe Ohio
Spring clean-up and large item pick-up will be held Saturday, May 15. The following lists acceptable items and how to contain them: (all dimensions are maximum).

Carpet. Cut to 4' lengths and tied in 2' rolls.

Wood. Bundled in 4' lengths and 2' in diameter and tied. Please hammer all nails.

Fencing. Bundled in 4' lengths and 2' rolls.

Metal Poles. Cut to 4' lengths and tied together.

Furniture/Appliances. All Freon-containing appliances must be certified that the Freon has been removed. Remove all doors from large appliances (refrigerators/freezers, etc.) for safety purposes.

Construction Debris. In cans or bags of no more than 60 lbs. Do not place in boxes.

Miscellaneous Small Items Place small household items in cans or bags. Drain all fluids from items that contain gasoline or oil.

The following items are not considered large items and will NOT be picked up.

- car batteries
- household chemicals
- car & truck tires
- yard waste (grass,
leaves, brush)
- rocks, dirt, concrete

On Saturday, May 15, several Waste Management trucks will be on the job to pick up these items. Please place your items at the curb the evening of Friday, May 14th.

Source: Monroe City Website
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