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SunCoke Today (Video)
Thursday, October 6, 2011 1:13:26 PM - Monroe Ohio

Video Shot today around 12 Noon.

by John Beagle

SunCoke this month is firing up its first 100 ovens with naural gas.  to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. After the ovens are fully heated, which generally takes about two weeks, the company plans to initiate metallurgical coke production for AK Steel by November 1st 2011.

SunCoke will supply 550,000 tons a year of metallurgical coke when it’s in full production. AK can consume up to 2 million tons of coke a year. To make up the difference 550,000 tons come from SunCoke’s plants in Franklin Furnace and some coke from AK Steel’s own ovens called Middletown Works.

James L Wainscott in a conference call yesterday, had this to say about the importance of SunCoke

"AK Steel, either directly or indirectly through our strong relationship with SunCoke, consumes about 2.5 million short tons of coal annually, consisting of various met coal grades, either low, mid or high-vol coal. These coals are used primarily at our coke battery in Middletown and the SunCoke heat recovery coke batteries located in Haverhill, Ohio and beginning later this quarter in Middletown, Ohio."

The 550,000 tons brings SunCoke's US production of metallurgical coke to 4.2 million tons, making it the largest producer of metallergical coke in the United States. 

SunCoke’s Middletown Operations is the fourth coke plant since 2005 that SunCoke Energy has designed, built and operated in the United States. The SunCoke plants in Franklin Furnace, Ohio; Granite City, Ill.; and Middletown are the only new coke plants built in the past six years in the U.S., and are the only plants to use a process that converts waste heat to steam and electricity for energy, according to the American Coal and Coke Chemicals Institute.

Sources: Steel Guru, BusinessWeek, Middletown Journal Staff, Oct 5th Conference Call with James Wainscott




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