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SunCoke Watch on the SunCoke Community Advisor Panel CAP
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 8:50:52 AM - Monroe Ohio

The rooftop snow is pure white.
Photo by: Jim Keister, SunCoke Neighbor for Impact Study.

by John Beagle:
Suncoke is in the process of contacting homeowners around the Middletown SunCoke plant site to form a community advisory panel or CAP.

Sunoco, parent company of SunCoke, has formed groups made up of community leaders, residents and a company employee to serve as a “two-way form of communication” on what is happening at the plant and to discuss community concerns.

Interviews and recommendations for the panel will continue throughout April and May with its first meeting planned for June. More Info: Suncoke to begin construction.

I asked Lisa Frye, President of about the Middletown Plant CAP.

Beagle: Will you be part of the Middletown Plant CAP?
Frye: I’ve not been approached about this.  The details mentioned in the article was news to me.  Up to this point in time, I’ll I had heard was that they would be having some type of citizen advisory group.

I also asked Monroe Councilperson and editor, Suzi Rubin about the CAP.

Beagle: Will you be part of the Middletown Plant CAP?
Rubin: Probably not. It sounds like they are hand picking the members and may allow some from Monroe to to participate. I won't be sitting by the phone waiting for their call :)

Main Street Monroe will be watching developments on SunCoke and its interaction with Monroe residents. We will be reporting pollution monitoring station* results as required by the New Source Review Air Permit that SunCoke recieved February 2010.  We will be adding to our Impact Study on Monroe Homes and Schools.

*What is required? An extensive network of air monitors, including two particulate PM 10 monitors, four PM 2.5 monitors, one sulfur dioxide monitor and two Volatile Organic Compound monitors.

The monitors will be split between the two locations, with the sulfur dioxide monitor being placed at Amanda, said Dina Pierce, Ohio EPA spokeswoman. Source: Jessica Heffner, Staff Writer
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