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Sunset Pool proposal Dead
Wednesday, May 19, 2004 1:20:27 PM - Monroe Ohio

It happened at the Middletown City Council Meeting, May 18, 2004

Residents spoke and Middletown City Schools listened, as the district announced Tuesday that it was abandoning plans to build an elementary school on what is now Sunset Pool. The district's decision to give up on the pool site as a location for a combined Roosevelt/Wilson elementary school follows two weeks of heated debate and scrutiny from residents of the area surrounding the park.

Board President Mark Frazer told residents that the district had only considered Sunset Pool for Roosevelt/Wilson elementary because officials believed council planned on abandoning the site after this swimming season. (Council voted to close Sunset and Douglass pools last December in order to help make up a projected $4.5 million budget shortfall for 2004. In January, private donations from three area businessmen helped to fund the pools to keep them open for this summer.)

"We're looking at an alternative in which Wilson (Elementary) is torn down and rebuilt on its present site," said school district Business Manager Frank Chapman.

Superintendent Steve Price said Middletown City Schools in no way wants to alienate residents during the process of building new facilities. "I believe we are on the same side," Price said, referring to the residents who attended Tuesday's council meeting and those who have voiced concern about the Roosevelt/Wilson project. "We may have some disagreements on how to get there, but I believe we all have the same end in mind," Price said.

Frazer said the Sunset Pool area has officially been withdrawn from consideration and the district will not "ask (council) to consider it again." He went on to assure residents that they will "be proud of the buildings" after construction.

Council voted unanimously to support the district's proposed sites for McKinley, Wildwood and Rosedale elementary schools expansions.

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