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The Monroe Local School District Curriculum Office
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 3:07:24 PM - Monroe Ohio

Photo: Curriculum Director Debbie Sander

By Elizabeth Lolli, Monroe School Superintendent

The Monroe Local School District Curriculum Office is responsible for all curriculum, instruction, professional development, testing, and materials adoptions in the district. Each year, the Curriculum Office provides professional development for all staff through the early release days, outside consultants, conferences and workshops, and through the High AIMS Consortium. The Curriculum Office is also responsible for any curriculum revision or new curriculum for new courses or classes. The Office is also responsible for all the testing that occurs in the district. As a T-CAP school district, the district gives additional tests besides the Ohio Achievement Assessments and the Ohio Graduation Test. Battelle for Kids sponsors select districts for the T-CAP testing program. As part of the Battelle program, students in Monroe take the Terra Nova in grades 2-8 or the ACT End of Year Exit Exams in selected high school courses. These additional testing instruments help teachers with instructional decisions. The Curriculum Office analyzes testing data and meets regularly with staff members to discuss instructional needs for individual students as well as whole classes.

Short cycle assessments have been developed by teachers in the district. The purpose is to monitor learning more regularly than just at the end of the quarter. At least every two to three weeks students are assessed on the previous weeks of instruction. This information is then used to re-teach, intervene, or enrich student learning experiences.

Overall test results for the district continue to rise. With the recently released PRELIMINARY Ohio Achievement Assessment, the Junior High has shown extreme improvement. Once the final scores are released in August, the district will share those results. For now, the preliminary results, which are subject to change by the ODE, are positive.

Debbie Sander is a 22 year veteran educator. She received both her bachelor’s and her master’s degrees from Bowling Green State University and holds a principal’s license. She has been with the Monroe Local Schools for the past two years. Before that she worked as a teacher in the Middletown City School District. She presented numerous workshops on technology, developmentally appropriate practice, Reading First Program (Grant from the Ohio Department of Education) and Best Practice while working in the MCSD. She was also a SIRI trainer and Reading Coach(Ohio Department of Education Literacy Initiative) for several years. She is trained in the SIOP Model (English Language Learners) and presented to staff in the MCSD on teaching to ESL students.

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