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The Monroe School Documentary Project
Tuesday, January 4, 2005 8:50:57 AM - Monroe Ohio

Photo: The 1st and 2nd grade classes of 1886

Students at Lemon-Monroe High School (LMHS) are creating a documentary to showcase the rich history of their school building. At the end of the 2003/2004 school year, the previous high school building closed as students moved to the new campus. It is the desire of students and staff alike to honor the building that has seen at least 120 graduating classes. The class of 2004 was the last graduating class at the old L.M.H.S.

To assist in creating an authentic documentary, students are seeking former students, administrators, and community members who would like to share the influence that LMHS has had on their lives and communities.

Students working on this project are searching for:

* Students and staff from the earlier years for potential interviews
* Historical information about the building and the district
* Information on the original building built in 1871
* Stories that highlight the Fighting Hornet spirit
* Photos, memorabilia, etc.

The documentary will be shot and edited by students throughout the school year using Sony digital video equipment and Macs I-Movie 3.

Anyone with information, ideas, or questions should contact Tom Burklow at their earliest convenience.

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