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The Voice Survey Results
Friday, January 30, 2004 12:02:24 AM - Monroe Ohio
Do you think "The Voice" should be discontinued?

No 61.76%
Yes 38.24%

Total Votes: 102

'The Voice' lives..
...with some modifications.

One concern was that posters wanted to respond to people making their opinions known. Therefore, we have changed the way the 'anonymous' works.

You can still remain anonymous, but you do need to get register and get a profile.

The link below takes you to the new rules and if you accept, you may register with a 'screen name' to remain anonymous...

...or with your real name to back up your opinion.

We will continue to monitor posts closely. Our goal is to provide a place for the community to 'voice' their opinions. So everyone try to be nice. Last time we allowed open registration, we got emails from parents, teachers, chief of police, mayor, and others. They all had a comment about what was being posted. Some people were upset with what was being posted.

I am asking everyone to be nice to each other. If you have an opinion, great! But please keep others feelings in mind.

If you would like to use 'the voice' to post messages to your group, please feel free to use our forum. If you need help call us 9-4 M-F at 422-1907, we will assist you.

If you have a group, and would like a free page on MainStreetMonroe, please contact us with the link on the bottom left of this page. If you have a page, please check to see if it is up to date. Send us your updates via email and we will post them free of charge.

We are here for you.

Register - With or without your real name
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