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Toddhunter/Cin-Day Commercial Development?
Monday, September 26, 2005 4:58:28 PM - Monroe Ohio

The City of Monroe recently gave the initial green light on an 80-acre mixed-use commercial park located at the intersection of Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Todhunter Road. (See attached PUD Plan)  The parcel is owned by Mid-Miami Healthcare Foundation, which is a non-profit arm of the Middletown Regional Hospital.  The land was donated to the Foundation by the previous owner.


The Foundation is seeking final zoning approval on a commercial planned unit development (PUD) plan that will create commercial, office and light industrial sites on the 80-acre parcel.  The commercial park will offer excellent access and visibility along Cincinnati-Dayton Road. 


At the September 14th meeting, City Council held the PUD Public Hearing and passed the first reading of the PUD ordinance.  A second reading will be held on September 27th.  If approved, it is expected that the 80-acre site will be aggressively marketed to area developers for phased development.


Monroe is excited about creating a mixed-use commercial park with so much potential in a location that will be transformed into a major commercial and retail corridor.  Creating additional commercial sites will help accommodate our increased demand for commercial building opportunities as retailers continue to seek out Monroe sites to serve Monroeís population of 10,000 people.


For additional information regarding this project, please contact:


Jay T. Stewart

Development Director

City of Monroe

(513) 539-7374

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