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Tom Birdwell Speaks About Student Seperation
Friday, August 31, 2001 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
From the Voice - Separation of kids in
different age appropriate groups is one of the highest priorities of the
Monroe Local School District. We are currently stuck with few options
however, with the buildings we have today. The Junior High and Senior High
students occupy different areas of the High School building to the greatest
extent reasonable. There are several areas that must be shared however. We
only have one set of usable locker rooms, library/media center, band room,
cafeteria, etc. Those must be shared until a new building/buildings can be
made available.

Even with the modular classrooms added to the Elementary school, increased
enrollment will quickly outgrow the maximum classroom space possible there.
The cafeteria is already way beyond reasonable capacity. We need to qet
additional Elementary space soon to avoid moving 6th graders with the 7th
and 8th. Nobody wants that to occur, especially the administration and

There are 4 building concepts under consideration and refinement. These can
be seen at next week‘s Monroe City Fest. All improve the current situation,
with some providing more separation than others. We have to find a way to
balance the clear need for better separation, with the funds available to
build and operate our new schools. It is critical that people make their
wishes known, both in the forums, and at City Fest.

Thank you for your interest and concern.

Tom Birdwell

Tom Birdwell
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