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Turtle Creek to undergo major changes
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 9:42:34 AM - Monroe Ohio

Photo: Turtle Creek Damage from Recent Fire

by Steve Urso

Turtle Creek flea market submitted an application for sign that will display a new name: 

Treasure Aisles: A Bargain Hunter's Paradise.

They plan to make over one million dollars in improvements and their main goal is to lose that "Flea Market" title. They think people look down on Flea Markets so their goal is to go away from that concept and make it more attractive to people.

The main issue at hand before Planning commission was the new sign they plan to put up. Part of the new sign will be digital where it can be changed depending on the event that is taking place at Treasure Aisles. The actual size of the sign will be 40FT by 16FT. This sign will sit near Interstate 75.

Issues of concern brought up was the sign being a distraction to other drivers and if you let this sign go here other business will approach Monroe and want the same thing.
The Turtle Creek spokesperson was asked by Bob Kelley if we would display things relating to the community and he said he would have no problem doing that. For example the sign could Say "Go Hornets" They sign will be two sided and since it is computerized one side can say one thing and another side can say another.

Lastly Treasure Aisles plans a August re grand opening.

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