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Two-way Busing Back for Winter Athletes
Monday, December 10, 2012 4:08:27 PM - Monroe Ohio

Reinstatement of Two-way Busing for Monroe Winter Athletes

By Joel Thompson

Despite the fact that it would save the school district $3,522.65, safety concerns over hazardous winter road conditions were more important. Brett Guido board president, the only one of 5 to vote against the reinstatement said “I supported the idea, but I just wanted the opportunity to discuss more about how it would be paid for. I stand by the board’s decision and agree that our students’ safety should be a priority,”

 Ethan Jeffers, a Monroe sophomore soccer player, said “I was excited to hear the news, We missed a lot by not having busing after the games. That was the time when we’d celebrate the win, or we’d be able to get together and reflect on what happened after a loss. … And that final game, we didn’t get to spend much time with the seniors after their last game. That wasn’t fair to them. There were times when parents couldn’t make it to the games, and it was a hassle to arrange the permission slips and everything. I’m glad that is over with.” The students had to have permission slips to arrange a ride home with fellow players in the past.
 No word as of yet if two-way busing will be reinstated for spring sports too.

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