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Monday, September 18, 2006 10:43:46 AM - Monroe Ohio




Local retired educator Harvey Poff was the first weekly winner in the Ultrapool high school football game on the website. The free game offers $25 weekly gift certificate prizes to Java Johnny’s MidTowne Café for those who pick the winners most often in area high school matchups. 


The Convention and Visitors Bureau, in conjunction with John Ridge’s Netseats company is offering a weekly $25 prize Java Johnny’s Midtowne Café, and a $50 grand prize to those who make the best predictions in the local match-ups.


Games for Fenwick, Middletown, Monroe, Madison, Edgewood, Valleyview, Springboro, Franklin and Carlisle will be posted.  Players register at the website and then make their weekly picks including their expectations of the score.  The player with the best record for each week receives the prize.  At the end of the 10-week season, the person with the best overall record gets the $50 grand prize. 


Ultrapool was designed by John Ridge, owner of Java Johnny’s Midtowne Café, The Jug and Netseats, an on-line event ticketing system.  He had used the game successfully in other markets and is offering it to the CVB as a way to attract regional visitors to the website where they will find information about events, meeting places, hotels and restaurants in Middletown.


Those who register on site may play the Ultrapool game, sign up to receive the monthly emailed calendar of events and/or list their interest in local attractions.


For details on how the game is played and the scoring method used, visit the website at


Players may join the game at any time and may make their picks each week or make all picks for the season at one time.


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