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Underage Compliance Testing by the Monroe Police Department
Monday, April 5, 2010 2:18:18 PM - Monroe Ohio
Press release
March 25th, 2010

From: Monroe Police Department, City of Monroe
Chief Gregory Homer

Under age sale of Alcohol, Business Checks, City of Monroe and Lemon Twp Ohio.
On Thursday March 25th, 2010, Officers did an alcohol sales compliance check of business in the City of Monroe. The following is a list of business that sold alcohol beverages to persons less than 21 years of age. Also listed are businesses that refused sale to persons less than 21 years of age. The persons in violation of the law were cited into court. Information of the sales will be passed on to the Ohio Department of Public Safety for review.

Businesses that sold, Failing Compliance Check:

•    IGA State Liquor Store, 601 S. Main St, Monroe Ohio
•    Froggy Blues, 10 American Way, Monroe Oh
•    Red Onion Café, 214 S. Main St, Monroe Oh

Businesses that refused sale, Passing Compliance check these businesses will receive a thank you letter from the Police Department:

•    Cassanos Pizza and Subs, 665 S. Main St. Monroe, Ohio
•    Kroger 3033 Heritage Green Dr. Monroe, Ohio
•    Speedway gas Station, 1501 Roden Park Dr, Monroe Ohio
•    Coyote Ridge, 1250 Hamilton Lebanon Rd, Monroe Ohio
•    Dennys Drive Thru, 19 N. Main St. Monroe, Ohio
•    Wings and Rings, 3271 Heritage Green Dr, Monroe Ohio
•    Shell Gas Station, 550 Oxford St Rd, Lemon Twp, Ohio
•    Speedway, 461 Oxford St. Rd, Lemon Twp, Ohio
•    Scotties Tavern, 3126 Harrison St, Lemon Twp, Ohio
•    Kroger 428 Oxford State Rd, Lemon Twp Ohio
•    Speedway Gas Station, 23 New Garver Rd. Monroe, Ohio
•    Shell Gas Station, 1280 Hamilton Lebanon Rd, Monroe Ohio
•    Monroe IGA Thriftmart (old Ameristop), 2 East Ave Monroe, Ohio
•    S. Main Drive thru, 3324 S MAIN ST Lemon Twp Ohio

Beagle: Can I get a comment about underage drinking in Monroe?
Chief Homer: I believe there continues to be consumption of alcohol by underage individuals in Monroe.  Monroe is very similar to many communities in Suburban America.  Underage consumption is not at epidemic proportions here in Monroe.  If it was, more business would be found selling during compliance checks.  Also the patrol officers would be overwhelmed with youthful drinking parties and DUIs.  We have a few of both but not enough to consider it an epidemic.   I am not saying it is totally under control, there is underage drinking.  Unfortunately adults still buy for youths.  There are still big brothers and sisters and parents who provide.  We all know it can be gotten by those who really want to get some.  There is still shoplifting.  I personally feel that “Compliance Checks” of businesses assists Monroe in making it more difficult for those wanting to purchase.  Compliance Checks also assists the business owner in policing his own business.  It is usually not the owner but an employee who makes the sale.  Business owners in Monroe have been very cooperative in law enforcement’s efforts to stop underage purchasing of alcoholic beverages.
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