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Varsity Cross Country team at MONROE wins the MML SOUTH
Thursday, October 10, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
From the VOICE:
Everyone is talking about soccer,football, and all the other sports. But does anyone know that the Varsity Cross Country team at MONROE has won the MML SOUTH and are 2nd in the whole MML? No one in our school cares about cross country except ourselves. We would like some ''fans'' and we would like to get our school spirit alittle higher too, but no one even understands the sport. Running is just not a everyday thing. It takes hard work and determination to go out everyday, no matter the weather, and go run 4-9 miles a day. I would just like to say that the Cross Country team has worked hard and deserves alittle more than what the team gets. GO CROSS COUNTRY!

The top five people that placed on the team were seth darrell, danny
cuvar, dave needham, evan mcmonigle, and cale darrell. Jimmy Hall and Mike Beckett also did awesome. Dayton Carroll won the whole MML, but we beat everyone else. GO CROSS COUNTRY
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