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Warren County Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
Monday, October 4, 2004 11:03:32 AM - Monroe Ohio

Warren County Retired & Senior Volunteer Program


October 4, 2004



John Beagle




Dear John,


Thank you for talking with me Friday October 1, 2004 about our Make A Difference Day project. Hopefully all of the information you will need will be enclosed.


The Corporation for National Service supports volunteer service at the national, state and local levels, overseeing three main initiatives: “Americorps”,  “Learn and Serve America” and The National Senior Service Corps, through which Americans fifty-five and older contribute their skills and experience through three programs: the “Retired & Senior Volunteer Program” (RSVP), the “Foster Grandparent Program”, and the “Senior Companion Program”.


The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation since 1971 has matched local problems with older Americans who are willing to help. The volunteers do not receive any stipend, but they do receive accident, personal liability, and excess automobile insurance, as well as community recognition. Each year, more than 460,000 older Americans provide community service through more than 760 locally sponsored RSVP projects.


The Warren County Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) has been in Warren County since 1974. We currently have over 260 active volunteers, who averaged 38,624 hours during the past year at 30 volunteer stations.


Warren County Community Services, Inc., a non-profit organization and our sponsor, currently has over 600 Home Delivered Meal recipients in the Warren County area. Over half of these seniors, aged 60 and over, are at or below the National Poverty Level.


For our Make A Difference Day project, October 23, 2004, our volunteers will be assembling Emergency Kits, which will be given to each of these Home Delivered Meal recipients for their home in case of a disaster. The Home Delivered Meal drivers along with their meal will deliver these kits the following week.


As our budget will not allow us to buy the items needed, we have requested certain items be donated to put in the Emergency Kit.


We have received most of the large items needed for the Emergency Kits, but are still in need of monetary donations for medical supplies for the First Aid kits, which will be enclosed in the Emergency Kits.


In being a part of this project with your donation, you will receive acknowledgement as we are receiving publicity from The Rebel 105.9 radio station, The Dayton Daily Newspaper, Western Star, Franklin Chronicle and Local 12 news. We are also putting the donation information in our 7000 newsletters that will be mailed out throughout the United States.


Donations can be mailed to: The Warren County Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

                                                  570 N. St. Rt. 741

                                                   Lebanon, OH 45036

   Attn: Rochelle McGowan (RSVP Coordinator)

Prior to October 15, 2004 as items will need to be purchased on October 20, 2004.



I hope this information is what you wanted to put on the two web sites…if you need anything else, please let me know!!


Thanks again for all your help,





Rochelle McGowan


Rochelle McGowan

RSVP Coordinator

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