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What Goes On At Mt Pleasant?!?!
Thursday, July 28, 2011 1:08:56 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Rose Morgan

This is a retirement community - which interprets in to 'doing whatever you want' most days for the 450+ residents. That might be sleeping late, reading the paper leisurely, working on your garden, volunteering at the local hospital or school or around this campus, surfing on your computer for local news, indulging in hobbies OR cleaning, washing, or cooking at home - same old same old!

For those who wanted an hour of fun today, there was a flower arranging class given by Kathy Ganino. Kathy is a business woman who goes to several retirement communities to give this program.

Notice Helen Ramsdell still going to class still learning at 104.As an added perk, our new Activities Director, Tina DeLeone, came by to help Ms. Ganino and make our acquaintance. P.S. Tina is the famed daughter of our own Carmon DeLeone, Middletown Symphony Director.

The anatomy of the flower arrangement is to start with a floral foam block which you have saturated in water.

Add a few leather leaf ferns, then start filling in with flowers. Fill all the spaces with more greenery. Voila! A new centerpiece for your home. Water the foam block every three days.

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