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WHAT IS The Fourth R...
Monday, April 10, 2006 3:20:44 PM - Monroe Ohio

The "R" you missed in school.


Computers have changed virtually all aspects of our lives. As we move rapidly from an industrial to an information economy, computer literacy is the "FOURTH R" in education.  This new economy offers opportunities to people with the right skills.

  • Governments worldwide view the development of technology skills as key to their country’s future.
  • Today’s youth need strong computer skills to succeed in school.
  • Individuals recognize that computer skills create income growth and job opportunities.
  • Businesses realize the importance of computer training to increase productivity, reduce costs and stay competitive.
  • Employers want proof—certification—that a candidate has the prerequisite computer skills for a job.

The Fourth R, established in 1991, provides computer training and certification services through two distinct operating channels--Youth and Adult divisions.  The Youth division focuses on K-12 school services and courses targeting children 18 years and under.  The Adult division focuses on corporate services and vocational training for adults.  The excellence of our programs has fueled growth to over 250 affiliates in over 35 countries.

The Fourth R of Southwest Ohio is an independently owned and operated franchise of The Fourth R, Inc., Kirkland, WA.

We are dedicated to providing quality computer education to businesses, organizations and families.  We offer a full range of curriculum for businesses taught by certified instructors in a positive learning environment.

Let us become your computer & software trainer.


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