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When Spammers get together with Virus Writers
Wednesday, September 3, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
The latest viruses and worms probably are the work of a virus writers employed by spammers. When E-mail attachments carrying a virus are opened, the worm virus opens a 'back door' on the infected PC. The 'back door' allows the hacker to gain access to your computer.

A virus whose sole purpose is to open a 'back door' are commonly referred to as 'worm viruses.' Email Spammers exploit 'back doors' created by 'worm viruses' to upload programs that send spam email anonymously. Additionally, the spammer steals E-mail addresses from the address book of the infected PC. In effect, you have millions of privately owned computers being used to unsuspectingly send millions of junk email messages every day.

The Virus writer generates additional revenue by including an expiration date. The 'back door' can't be used after a certain date. Spammers who work with virus writers will have to pay for another virus variant to continue sending spam.

To help cut down on viruses and spam, we suggest:

1. Run software designed to find and remove worms and other intruders from your computer such as Adaware.
2. Keep your virus software up-to-date by updating often. (Up to once per day)
3. Install Windows software patches as they become available.

If you need help with the above suggestions, contact CSN1 Technologies Toll Free at 877-422-1907 or locally at 513-422-1907.

John Beagle,
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