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Youtsler Resigns from Monroe City Council
Thursday, January 1, 2004 8:51:05 PM - Monroe Ohio
In a surprise move, Bob Youtsler resigned immediately after being sworn in for his next term in office.
At 10am Thursday, January 1, 2004 council met, the pledge of allegiance was recited, and the 4 elected council members, including Bob Youtsler were sworn in.

At 5 minutes past the hour, with his wife and grandchildren present in the audience, Bob Youtsler asked to make a statement. He said that he had spent many years on Monroe's city council, but lately there was too much in-fighting. He said the council would work better without him. He also made reference to personal family issues that influenced his decision.

Youtsler was re-elected with 16.28% of the in the fall election. His departure leaves open a seat on council that will have to be filled within 30 days. Council may appoint a replacement with majority vote. If a majority vote can not be reached, Mayor Routson will appoint the replacement. This is a 4 year seat.

Many of the residents of Monroe are grateful to for the many years, Bob Youtsler had dedicated to the betterment of the community thru his actions on City Council. We wish Bob well and hope to benefit from his future involvement in the city as a prominent community member.
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