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Monroe Current Events Club

Local Contact: Peggy Hesson

Phone Number: 513-539-8407

The Monroe Current Events Club

The object of the organization is to study the current events of the day and to promote the intellectual and social culture of its members. The Current Events Club is the oldest civic organization in Monroe, originally founded in 1903 by Mrs. Harry Frost, the wife of a high school teacher in Monroe. Meetings are held in the afternoons on the first Wednesday of each month.

The Club's theme this year is Outstanding Women. Every month a different aspect of the theme will be explored. Members will discuss what's new in Monroe, education, food, nutrition, medicine, and other interesting topics. The high point of each meeting is when members respond to roll call by sharing a current event they have read. Each member brings a copy of the current event they wish to share and presents it at the meeting.

In order to join the Current Events Club, a member must sponsor you. After attending your first meeting as a guest of your sponsor, the members will take a vote to decide whether to extend an offer of membership. For more information on the Monroe Current Events Club or to request a list of members in an attempt to attain a sponsor, please feel free to contact Peggy Hesson at 539-8407.

If you or anyone you know has information about the Monroe Current Events Club, please submit your information here

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